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Please list below any spaces that you can think of, where they were and what period they were open:

MayDay Rooms (London) 2013-present This is actually really comprehensive

Anarchist-run squatted social centres:

• 121 Centre, 121 Railton Road (1981 to 1999) • Black Frog, Camberwell Six months in 2007 • Colorama, Elephant and Castle (2009ish-2013ish) • 56a Infoshop, Walworth 1991 to Present Day • RATSTAR, Camberwell - finished May 2011 • Use Your Loaf squat, Deptford early 2000's • House of Brag queer squat, 3 locations South London (Camberwell, Brixton) 2000s • Institute for Autonomy, Gower St 2000s? • The Dole House, Brixton early 90's • Ambulance Station, Old Kent Rd 1984- 86? • Radical Dairy, Stoke Newington, 2000's? • The Bank, Tufnell Park, 2000's? • The Peace Centre, Roseberry Ave, 1980's

Anarchist-run not squatted centres:

• Wapping Autonomy Centre, Metropolitan Wharf 1981 • LARC, Whitechapel • Centro Iberico, Notting Hill, 70s - early 80's • The Field, New Cross, 2015?>>

Community Centres with a radical flavour:

• The Pullens Centre Walworth (Before it was the Pullens Centre it was a long term squatted centre and cafe) • DIY Space for London, 2015?>>> . Dalston Community Centre, squatted synagogue Montague Road, mid 1980s

Bookshops / Bookshops with community activities, oral history projects, publishing etc

• Centerprise, Dalston 1971-2012

Oral History ( • Freedom Bookshop, Whitechapel (in current location since 1968 - previously in various locations including West London) • Compendium Bookshop, Camden 1970 . 1990s • Peckham Bookplace, 70's to late 90's • Rising Free bookshop, Islington 1970-80's • Housmans bookshop, Kings Cross 1959 to Now • Unity Bookshop, Brixton 1973 • Bogle L'Ouverture, West Ealing 1977 (later South Ealing) see:>

Radical Education places and experiments:

• Anti-University, Rivington Place (late 1960s) • Really Free School, various West End squats 2010 / 11

Art + politics spaces:

• Backspace/Deckspace etc. Clink St and other addresses ( • Info Centre Hackney 1998-1999 • The Tabernacle, Notting Hill arts centre 1970's to today • ArtsLab, Covent Garden early 1970s • London Film Makers Co-op, Camden 1970's to 1990's? • Cool Tan Arts. Brixton squat • Area 10, large Peckham arts squat 2000's?

Community print shops, community arts and advice centres

• Union Place, Oval 70's to 90's (listed below again) • Colin Roach Centre, Hackney 90s - early 2000 • Release, Notting Hill office 1970's • Advisory Service for Squatters, Islington / Whitechapel 1975 to Now • Poster Workshop, London (1968-71) • Lenthall Road Workshop, 81 Lenthall Road, Hackney 1974-1989 [Related closely to Centerprise] • Notting Hill Press 1968–71 • Paddington Printshop 1974–91 • Stepney Community Print Workshop 1976–1980 • Union Place Community Resource Centre 1974 – c1994 • Docklands Community Poster Project* (1981-1991, London) • Greenwich Mural Workshop Printshop (1977-1995, London) • InterAction Community Arts, Camden 1970's • Walworth & Aylesbury Community Arts Trust (WACAT_, Aylesbury Estate, Walworth 1970s - 1990s . Hackney Environmental Action Resource, 90 De Beauvoir Rd., N1 . Free Form Arts Trust, Hackney 1980s to now.

Black politics, anti-racist and culture spaces:

• New Beacon Books and George Padmore Institute, Finsbury Park 1970's to now • Various Black political party books shops - see "We Shall Not Be Terrorized Out of Existence": The Political Legacy of England's Black Bookshops Colin A. Beckles, Journal of Black Studies Vol. 29, No. 1 (Sep., 1998), pp. 51-72 • Halkevi Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre - Dalston 90s to now • Newham Monitoring Project, Newham 1980 - now • Southall Black Sisters / Southall Black Womens Project early 1980's to now • Keskidee Arts Centre, Islington 1971 - 1991 • The Black House / Harambee, London Holloway Road 1973–6 • Black Women's Centre, Brixton 1980 - 90's . Africa House, 4 Dalston Lane, Hackney, Advice & Community Centre, 1980s. . Asian Centre, 17-19 Dalston Lane, Hackney, 1980s

Women's Movement and Feminist Spaces • Gays The Word bookshop, Bloomsbury 1979 to now • Gay Switchboard 1974 to Now

• A Woman's Place, 14 Radnor Terrace Spring, 1974 • Women In Print / See Red Women’s Workshop, Pullens Estate 1974-90 • Women's Liberation Workshops and offices? eg Covent Garden, early1970's . Women's Centre, Essex Rd Islington, 1973-80s . Women's Media Resource Centre, Rio Cinema, Dalston 1980s . London Irish Women's Centre, Stoke Newington, 1980s to 2015?


• London Lesbian and Gay Centre, Farringdon, 1984-1992 • South London Gay Community Centre, GLF and Brixton Fairies, 78 Railton Rd, Brixton early 70's

Community farms / growing spaces / adventure playgrounds?

• Kentish Town City Farm, Camden 1972 >>>? • Cable Street Allotments, London E1 1974>>> now . Hackney City Farm 1984 and ongoing

Pubs as meeting places:

The Metropolitan Pub, 95 Farringdon Road, ECl The LONDON WORKERS GROUP is an open Discussion group involving autonomists, coun-cillists, ·anarchists and anyone else interested in workplace class struggle from a revolutionary point of view. It meets every Tuesday at 8.1 5, upstairs at· Anyone is welcome to join in, except party recruiters. If you want to know more but can't face meet-ing us, or if you want a copy of our free bulletin (a stamp would be nice), write to the address above.

The Cock Tavern, Euston (Reclaim The Streets meetings weekly)

Social Crisis meet=up 2008? Various Fleet St pubs

//Other UK//

Mutual Aid Centre, Liverpool 90's

1-In-12 Club, Bradford 80's to Present Day

Cowley Club, Brighton, 2000's to Present Day

Sumac Centre, Nottingham, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields, Nottingham NG7 6HX

Aberdeen People’s Press (1973-1982): info on Aberdeen Protest Movements ->>

Bradford Community Printshop (1975-c1990)

Camm St Community Printshop* (1986-?, Crewe)

Corby Community Arts ** (1979-);

Courthouse (1994-?1995, Brighton );

Crest Press (1971-1975, London); ;

Fingerprints (1973-1995, Cardiff);

Impact* (1974-1998, Liverpool);

Leeds Community Press** (1974-c1984);

Manchester Area Resource Centre* (1975-);

Moss Side Press (1970-1976, Manchester);

Nottingham Community Arts** (1979- );

Peopleprint* (1984- Rochdale);

Rochdale Alternative Press** (1973-,);

Tyneside Free Press Workshop (1972 – 2013)

Edinburgh Unemployed Workers Centre, 90's to today (?)

Kebele then changed it's name to BASE - Bristol anarchist social centre, squatted 1995, owned 1997 to today.

* Unsure if these are meeting places or just publishers postal addresses*

ACE, 355 Holloway Road, London

Black Star <<

//Other Countries//

The Lucy Parsons Center, Jamaica Plain, Boston 1969-Now

Red Emma's Baltimore 2004-Now 30 W. North Ave, Baltimore